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Sport Psychology San Diego

What is Sport Psychology?

You’re an athlete. We know you’re dedicated and we know you’re committed to being your best. We also know that no two athletes are the same. From your training regimen, to the trade offs you make, to the pressures and expectations that surround you—this is your unique journey to become the best athlete you can be.

Our mission is simple—to help every athlete take their performance to the next level. With cutting edge programs that are tailored to your individual goals, we can help you thrive under pressure and reach your highest potential.

About Us

MindEdge is a Sport & Performance Consulting Firm committed to supporting athletes, professionals, and organizations maximize their performance. Our programs use proven sport psychology research and technology in order to help athletes train their brains to thrive under pressure. MindEdge teaches clients to push past mental blocks, build confidence, and consistently perform at their highest potential.


MindEdge provides sport psychology services to help you meet your potential. Learn more below or contact a MindEdge professional to determine the service that is right for you.

Individualized Performance


Team and Group Performance


Speaking Engagements

Health and Wellness Coaching


MindEdge has appeared in national media interviews for our expertise in clinical and sport psychology. MindEdge provides media consultation and speaking engagements on athlete mental health and psychological performance in sport.

NBC Olympics Tokyo 2020 Media Publications: USA Today
Runner's World Media Publications: KBPS
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The MindEdge Media Studio offers sport psychology resources for athletes, parents, and coaches on the latest information, articles, websites, and apps in the field.

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