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The MindEdge Media Studio offers resources for athletes, parents, and coaches on the latest sport psychology information, articles, websites, and apps in the field.  



Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP)

San Diego Psychological Association (SDPA)

American Psychological Association (APA)


San Diego Sport Psychology Associates (SDSPA)


National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)


NCAA Mental Health Best Practice for Understanding and Supporting Student-Athlete Mental Wellness

NCAA Mental Health Resources

Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete

Mental Health Screening


Online Resources for Mental Health for College Students


Institute for the Study of Youth Sports​


Positive Coaching Alliance​

Resources for Students Interested in the Field of Sport Psychology

Sport Psychologist Checklist

Dr. Oretzky Interview from Great Jobs in Sports (Feldman, 2019)

The Field of Sport Psychology: What's Trending and How to Get Involved

Sport Psychology in the Media


Sport Psychology and Its Impact on Athletics

Psychologists Have Helped with the Mental Side of the NBA Game

Lotus Pose on Two: The Seahawks Believe Their Kinder, Gentler Philosophy is the Future of Football


How Advanced Sports Psychology Can Help the Average Athlete


Mental Health of College Athletes

Mental Distress is a Growing Concern for High School Coaches


Recommendations for Developing a Plan to Recognize and Refer Student-Athletes with Psychological Concerns at the Secondary School Level​


MindEdge in the Media


Unlocking the Minds of Athletes Podcast Interview of Dr. Shira Oretzky​


Dr. Shira Oretzky talks with Jodina St. John from San Diego CW6, about helping athletes to train their brains.