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MindEdge provides a wide range of sport psychology services to help you meet your potential. Explore below or contact a MindEdge professional to determine the service that is right for you.

Individualized Performance Programs

At MindEdge we recognize that no two athletes are the same. Individualized Performance Programs begin with a thorough one-on-one assessment to help identify your current level of performance and specific goals. From there, MindEdge Consultants work with you to develop a specialized program tailored to your needs.

Speaking Engagements

MindEdge offers local, national, and online speaking engagements for teams, coaches, camps, and organizations. Have a presentation tailored to your specific needs or choose from our extensive portfolio of workshops.

Team and Group Performance Workshops

In team sports, one of the most important aspects is ‘team chemistry’. MindEdge offers workshops for teams (professional, NCAA, high school, club, and youth), sport organizations, coaches, and training camps. Our professionals can work with your team and individual players to increase cohesiveness, morale, and motivation for success.

Health and Wellness Coaching

MindEdge Total Health and Wellness Coaching is an interactive personalized program helping you to improve your well-being, make more positive lifestyle choices, find more balance, and increase the overall quality of your life.

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